It's going to be a goth, goth Christmas

(Sorry Elvis fans for that title...I couldn't help myself).

Rhetorical question, why do we spend so much on party dresses? Personally, I blame panic...sheer, blind, panic. How else do you explain the contents of shopping bags after last minute pre-party shopping? Why else do we all have a collection of dresses that were bought, worn once, and then hidden in our closets?

This year I am attempting to be thrifty and rational (fingers crossed). A couple of weeks ago we had a wedding to and I'm proud to say I didn't run out to find something "new" to wear. Instead I dove into my closet and came out with...a Marc by Marc Jacobs striped dress with a corset top, bubble skirt, and bow at the waist. When I first tried this dress on in Barneys I came out of the dressing room saying "Look, I'm the Statue of Liberty!". But with a boiled wool jacket from Banana Republic and navy suede flats I think I toned it down sufficiently for the reception.
That still left Christmas and all it's related bachanalia but I'm pleased to say that a few days ago I covered most of my upcoming party requirements with this See by Chloe dress which I picked-up on sale at 50% off plus a $20 off coupon. I think there are so many options for this I can't wait for the festivities to won't miss me, I'll be the goth girl under the mistletoe.


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  • ambika said...
    3:53 PM
    The skirt is still very festive but definitely cocktail appropriate. And I love the 2nd dress. So many things you can do with it.
  • Bobble Bee said...
    10:50 AM
    You looked amazing in that outfit! I really like when people go to weddings dressing in a non-wedding style. :)

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