The French magazine Jalouse is one of my favorite magazines, actually it may be my favorite...which makes it all the more frustrating that it is the most difficult magazine for me to actually buy. Today I was finally able to purchase the October edition. Normally a delay such as this in the world of fashion would be deadly but Jalouse manages to overcome all obstacles...articles on Katie Grand and Camille Miceli, a photobook by Sonja Kinski and a shoot featuring Alisson Mosshart of The Kills.

And the icing on the cake? A spread on accessories which includes a kissing-boy-and-girl pendant by Paul & Joe...suspiciously like the one I got from Urban Outfitters a month or so ago.

No wonder I danced with joy when I saw it on the shelves (sighting confirmed by an independant observer...I did, in fact, "dance...with joy").


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  • Bobble Bee said...
    7:57 PM
    I have the Jalouse November, i'll post some images specially for you. I'll keep u posted! btw, the theme is Asia...
  • chicwit said...
    8:01 AM
    That would be great, thanks!
  • maca said...
    1:51 AM
    I used the same charm for one of my last designs and i didn't know it was paul smith-like!
    You can see it in:
  • maca said...
    1:52 AM
    i meen.. "paul & joe" ;)
  • 8:49 AM
    Pretty effective piece of writing, thanks for the post.

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