Good things come in small packages

Growing up in the UK, Christmas for me meant the time when Cadbury's selection packs were in stores (multiple varieties of chocolate bars in a plastic "stocking" wrapped in net). I do realize that I should say I found meaning in the thought of goodwill to all men but, in reality, a Finger of Fudge or packet of Buttons were the main things on my mind.

Now that I've grown up I've moved on to the adult (and less fattening) equivalent...the beauty gift pack. Products that I may not normally buy become interesting due to miniaturization and the option of sampling multiple items. If I find something I love, great, I'll go back and get the regualr size. If not, no hard feelings and I move on. It's beauty speed dating...
stila - The Gift of Glaze $28
fresh - A Grain of Rice $35
bliss - Lemon & Sage Sinkside Six Pack $25
smashbox - Beauty A-Go-Go $50

All of the items above are from though I'm looking forward to checking what's available on Shu Uemura's site in the near future.


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