“A buckle is a great addition to an old shoe” - Irish saying

I realized the other day that for the past couple of months my "go to" shoes have been a pair of suede booties that I bought years ago (so long ago that the brand name has been rubbed off the inside so I have no idea what make they are). They're flat...cozy...and the height (a couple of inches above the ankle) feels "right" at the moment (versus my knee-high boots which have been temporarily banished to the back of the closet).

The only downside to all of this is the fact that they're beginning to look a little the worse for wear...fine for wandering around...but a little questionable if viewed up close or in a good light. Which is why I'm considering these belted booties from Jeffrey Campbell...the punk/mod mix is appealing...and I think they'd work equally well with pants or skirts...dressed up or down. They even appease my inner lazy git...as the buckles are purely ornamental and I wouldn't have to fiddle with them for ten minutes any time I wanted to take the boots on or off.Photobucket


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  • Thymiane said...
    1:58 PM
    I just ordered these shoes after reading your post last week. I found them cheaper than on OAK NYC (and in stock in my size) at http://www.shoebizsf.com/product_detail/673/Biz.html

    Just thought I'd tell you in case that helps you out! Jeffrey Campbell shoes are so comfortable and good looking. I'm a recent convert. I find it so difficult to find flat shoes I'm into and he makes some good ones.

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