The thrill of the (case) chase

Luggage-quest '09 has not been forgotten...I've just been having remarkably little luck finding anything that I liked...I feel like Goldilocks walking through a bed store..."too big"..."too small"...for some reason or other "not quite right". The duffle bags from APC's new collection are close...but the navy version lacks a shoulder strap...and the gingham, however cute, would get dirty before I'd completed my first trip.

What really caught my eye was the vintage-inspired tweed suitcase shown with pieces from their men's collection...but as one of the main criteria in my search was a bag that I could scrunch into the overhead compartment of a plane a suitcase...even one that's soft-sided...just won't work.



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  • Eli said...
    11:00 AM
    I find myself in the same dillema, but have many months to prepare. I went recently to Marshalls and found several small cases with wheels and think Im gonna go back to get one. They even had diane von furstenberg luggage, some betsey johnson too
  • enc said...
    10:36 PM
    Eventually the right one will pop up. Too bad there's not a hybrid of all three of these available from A.P.C.!

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