Mickey meets the skull...or...the un-classic classic

Whenever I read those lists of "classic must haves" in fashion magazines...you know, the ones that include a black Chanel bag, perfect red lipstick, and a trench...I wonder where the un-classic classics are. The pieces that have been around for long enough to obtain classic status but, for whatever reason, don't fit in the neutral color palette-d world of the "must have" list.

Like...Lucien Pellat-Finet's sweaters...made from ridiculously soft and light cashmere...in an exuberant mix of colors and designs...they're fashion Disneyland (and I don't say that purely because I'm lucky enough to own the Mickey's skull design...or that for the price of one of these sweaters you could send a family of four on vacation to the Magic Kingdom*).

All of which is leading me...via a very circuitous route...to asking what your un-classic classics are?

* I should add that the only reason I actually own an LLP sweater (as opposed to just drooling over it in pictures) is because it was drastically reduced


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  • Sol said...
    9:25 PM
    Hello miss!
    The sweater looks incredibly soft for some reason. I'm not a big color person, but there's something about that shade of purple that makes it instantly appealing.
  • 4:35 AM
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  • 10:08 AM
    that is one cool sweater.

    My un-classics? Black wax jeans, two tone stud belt, and those drapey sweater things.
  • 1:16 PM
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  • 1:18 PM
    My un-classic classic is definitely my vintage blue-green pencil skirt. The fit is very much like the secretary outfits in "Mad Men", but the color is anything but conservative.

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