“The only malady I could conclude I had not got was housemaid's knee.” - Jerome K. Jerome

Every so often I feel like the fashion Gods are a malicious lot...the kind that laugh when you trip over an uneven sidewalk and then prod you as you lie there, flailing like a bug on its back. How else to explain the phenomena that is currently occurring and which, for the sake of this piece, I'll call the curse of the summer shirt? A malady that has struck during virtually every summer of my adult life...and whose symptoms consist of an extreme lack of non-t-shirt options once the thermometer hits a certain point.

Of course this year (when I have set myself a limit on the amount of clothing that I'm going to buy) I find myself faced with a plethora of options. The latest is this olive-toned, nautical-inspired, little number from Alexandre Herchcovitch...a perfect casual (but not too casual) summer top. The only downer, apart from my self-imposed shopping limit, is the $385 price tag. Without wanting to sound too curmudgeonly...doesn't this seem a little much for what is essentially the next step up the food chain from the humble t-shirt...or am I just bitter because it will not be mine?Photobucket


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  • 9:43 AM
    I understand..that is a great top. =)

    I have not really done much summer shopping well.. we don't really seem to get a proper summer here, so a few tops will do.
  • see you there! said...
    12:14 PM
    I've been enjoying your blog off and on for awhile.

    I laughed at this. It looks like a miserable maternity top to me. But then I had babies back in the day when hiding your belly as much as humanly possible was the style.


    PS my word verification is

    thecring.... no kidding! HAHAHA

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