“Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade." - Robert Sternberg

I hate to say it but I have a (somewhat irrational) urge for a pair of ombré sunglasses. I say irrational because I already have plenty of sunnies...the objects of my affection are both rather expensive...and I know that it's perfectly possible to find sunglasses that are both cheap and offer good protection to my eyes (which is, after all, the main reason for wearing them in the first place).

Having said that, lust exists...for both Balenciaga's archive-inspired pair...and Tom Ford's purple and orange ones. Perhaps if I ignore this unseemly urge it will simply go away...



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  • 2:59 PM
    I have been looking at sunglasses myself..what is it about as soon as the sun shines? ;)

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