“The trench coat is the only thing that has kept its head above water.” - Jack Lipman

Even though I have a slight trench fetish...part of a much larger jacket and coat fetish...I'm still rational enough to realize that of all the things that I may "need" another trench (albeit in cropped form) is not one of them.

Which is a shame as I just came across rather a bargainous designer doppelganger at J Crew...on the left, Phillip Lim's $675 version...and on the right, J Crew's $118 one. Admittedly, the Crew adaptation is lacking some of the extras...hence the $557 price difference...and has a detachable ruffled sub-collar which I would remove immediately (and wear back-to-front as a necklace with other outfits)...but it's pretty close if you're looking for something a little more budget friendly.



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  • enc said...
    5:37 PM
    They've both got their virtues. No trench can ever really do wrong, can it?
  • Anonymous said...
    2:38 PM
  • 6:50 AM
    I believe everyone ought to browse on it.

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