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At this stage in my life I realize the inevitability of Valentine's day candy hitting stores as soon as Christmas has passed...the relentless push from holiday to holiday in order to sell, sell, sell...the plethora of completely unromantic gift options out there...but this year we seem to have reached the pinnacle of, to quote Cole Porter, "love for sale". Every day my inbox is inundated by a fresh set of gift suggestions which only suggest romance by dint of being red...Marc Jacobs wallets and Fendi charms from eLuxury...tote bags from Kate Spade...Barneys jewelry (and python Givenchy handbags...admittedly not red but included under "Gifts for Her").

All very nice...but they do raise the question...when did V-day become a second Christmas...a way to show your love via a $2,500 handbag? What happened to romance...a kiss in the rain...and a warm hug on a cold winter's night?



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  • WendyB said...
    11:06 AM
    I'll take the handbag, thanks. He can give me a kiss in good or bad weather any other day of the year.

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