"You're the top...you're the colisseum..."

It's taken a while, but we US based folks can now rejoice in the news that Topshop's NY store will open on April 2nd...at $20 million it's a sizable investment in the lure of hip during a down turn in the economy...and I can't wait to see the "reclaimed timber floors, exposed brick, futuristic lighting, and suspended DJ booth" mentioned in the Telegraph's article. Although, personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Topshop...I love their designer collaborations...but I hate the fact that everything on their US website is priced at exactly twice the amount of the UK site (exchange rates fluctuate, and pricing must be difficult, but as the current exchange rate is currently hovering around the 1.42 mark doesn't it seem a tad greedy to consistently round up to 2?).

And, if the unsympathetic price conversion wasn't enough, I'm currently...confused, I suppose is the best word...over the $600 suede dress currently listed on their site. Maybe it's just me, but I don't equate Topshop with such expensive items..."fun cheapies", yes..."lower priced designer collaborations", yes...but not $600 dresses. Quite frankly, for that amount, I could invest in a true designer piece that would last me for many years...I could also, quite honestly, fritter it away on a designer item that would amuse me for a couple of months (I'm irrational, yet honest)...

My question today...what is your limit when it comes to "disposable fashion"?


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