"...and that shows that there are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents..." - Humpty Dumpty Esq.

In the spirit of Mr. Dumpty...and in anticipation of the upcoming Day of the Valentine...I'd like to suggest forgoing the (heavily marked up) roses...the (dazzling awful, soon to be thrown in the trash or shoved to the back of a drawer) heart covered tsotchkes...and the (I like big cats but don't consider it romantic to eat in an enclosed area that smells strongly of them and certainly wouldn't pay $75 for the privilege) breakfast at the zoo with the lions and tigers...and, instead, buying your loved one what I'm going to call an un-engagement ring from Brooklyn-based Sunday’s Best. Give it to your beloved on the 13th...or the 15th...or, really, any day apart from the dreaded V-Day...and celebrate actual, you know...love.


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