"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." - William Morris

Today's lesson...never assume...to paraphrase, it makes an ass out of me and you...and stops you getting your sticky little hands on new shoes. I had (here comes that A word) assumed that by the beginning of February the sale racks at Zara would have been reduced to a few pitiful fabric remnants hanging dejectedly from hangers. Wrong. Instead I was faced with rails and rails of (admittedly heavily picked over) clothing and...after several minutes spent crawling around under a display table...a pair of rather jazzy metal flats in (wonder of wonders) my size.

Though I could stare at them for hours I'm rather hoping that the weather cooperates so that I can actually wear them...


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  • the Lovelist said...
    7:52 AM
    those are amazing and so unique!...nice find=)
  • 11:02 PM
    Those are pretty!
    I'm always wary of wearing flats in poor weather, especially if they were pricey. It's so easy to wear out the heel area.

    Found your site through TFS, btw!

  • 10:51 AM
    Quite worthwhile information, lots of thanks for your post.

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