"Calamities are of two kinds: misfortune to ourselves, and good fortune to others" - Ambrose Bierce

I know that your mother, at least if she was anything like mine, frequently told you that it wasn’t nice to garner enjoyment from the misfortunes of others. And normally I’d agree; but the news that senior staffers at US Vogue have been told to give up their town cars and start riding the subway as a cost-cutting measure surely has to be greeted with a certain amount of unrestrained, though thoroughly evil, glee.

This devilish delight is probably caused by the knowledge that the recession is finally creating discomfort at a publication whose pages eulogized over $800 a night spas and suggested gardening in $2,000 dresses whilst the rest of us were trying to decide whether we could “splurge” on something from the Gap.

Who knows, maybe a little run of the mill commuting will add a touch of reality to Vogue’s pages. At the very least it’s implanted the mental image of Anna Wintour (paper coffee cup in one hand, slightly sticky subway pole in the other) grimly attempting to get from point A to B in our heads. Tell me the truth, hasn’t that made your day a little brighter?


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  • the Lovelist said...
    1:21 PM
    haha....that does make me smile!
  • *gemmifer* said...
    8:33 PM
    As much as I enjoy perusing the pages of Vogue, I've always done so taking with a grain of salt the lifestyle they promote. It's scary to find myself thinking "wow, $150 for a shirt is so reasonable" when it's only because that's cheap in relation to all the insanely expensive items that surround it on the page. The employees should just look at mass transit as another runway for their outfits, though they may have to protect their Manolos by changing into "Working Woman" sneakers for their commute ;)

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