"The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice" - Mark Twain

I seem to have spent quite a bit of time in airports recently...standing patiently in line...removing my shoes...coat...jacket...scarf...and placing them in a (generally rather grubby looking) bin...and yearning for the warmer weather to arrive solely so that I'll have fewer layers of clothing to remove to enable me to pass through security. Of course, it also means dragging my (increasingly ratty looking) clear plastic, zip top, cosmetics bag out of my duffel bag and placing it in a tray so that some stranger can confirm that all of my potions and lotions have, indeed, been corralled together and, more importantly, do not break the 3 fluid ounce rule.

It's a depressing way to start a trip...especially when the contents of the aforementioned clear plastic bag are an ill-assorted mix of drugstore miniatures, hotel samples, and goop that I've transferred from its original (normal size) bottle into a regulation size plastic container...an RSPC that either has issues with its lid and therefore opens mid-flight...or which cheerfully allows goop to be inserted but requires a PhD to get it out again.

All of which is probably the reason for my excitement over 3floz.com...a new website with a plethora of products...all miniaturized in such a way as to make any TSA official happy...and broken down by both brand and area of concern (e.g. body, sun, face, hair). Even more appealingly (at least for someone like me who always seems to be running around at the last minute buying moisturizer) if your flight leaves within three days of when you place your order, 3floz will waive the overnight shipping fees.


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