"The 10 Frenchmen journeyed to America despite warnings from their mothers that they would be mugged within 5 minutes of their arrival in New York and mowed down by gangsters in Chicago -- provided, of course, that they were not scalped by Indians along the way [or captured by] crowds of American women waiting at the airport to get their hands on a Frenchman." - William E. Geist

Next business trip...when I'm stuck in some God-forsaken airport (thanks to snowstorm, last minute seat repairs, or other act of God)...I want to emulate the In Transit editorial from the February issue of UK Vogue.


Headphones, dark glasses, and puffy neck pillow on...head resting on Celine bag ("cute, chiseled chin man" having to check his email through the bag straps)...who am I kidding? It's going to be my usual "scrunched into uncomfortable seat...Starbucks in one hand...iPhone showing email/Angry Birds/vintage Scooby Doo episode in the other. A girl can dream though...


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