"In plain words, Chaos was the law of nature...Order was the dream of man." - Henry Brooks Adams

Those of you with a decent-ish short-term memory may recall that item #1 on the 2011 Hebden To-Do List was "Attempt to refine...declutter...and generally pare down...all the detrius that a seasoned horder, such as myself, can accrue". One of the specific things that I've been "accruing"...and having a hard time "storing in a vaguely sane manner" has been jewelry.

A state of affairs which is in the process of being changed...thanks to a very nerdy, very small, filing cabinet. I've been lusting over Bisley's 5-drawer cabinet (in the same graphite shade that I painted the interior of my closet) for a while now. It took a sale at The Container Store to make it mine.

Add some drawer organizers...begin the sorting process (earrings...rings...disco ball...Chanel)...and, suddenly, I almost feel organized.





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