"Real life in Paris, the waiting-for-a-bus kind of existence that goes on without ever crossing the tracks to the city's elegance and worldly ambitions, moves on its own, without manifestoes or injunctions to stop it." - John Vinocur

The problem with having a personal manifesto is that, sooner or later, you're going to abandon it. Well, unless you're a dictator...you rarely hear them saying "I used to believe in such-and-such but then I changed my mind"...but, for us non-dictators, the PM can be a problem.

Case in point, for the last 2-3 years I have stood by my own PM of never visiting a hairdresser...for, armed with only a glass of wine and a pair of professional scissors, I was perfectly happy with the results of my own weed-whacking experimentation. The other day. however, I decided that...while I love "disheveled"...I wanted a slightly more polished disheveled than my skill-set would allow. Cue an almost obscene amount of online research...and a rather sheepish (insert lamb to the slaughter reference) visit to a local salon.Photobucket

PM in tatters I am...as I recline upon the broken ruins of my personal policy...rather happy.


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