"The same dress is indecent ten years before its time; daring one year before its time; chic (contemporarily seductive) in its time; dowdy five years after its time; hideous twenty years after its time; amusing thirty years after its time; romantic one hundred years after its time; beautiful one hundred and fifty years after its time." - James Laver

I highly recommend reading Carol Edgarian's article on the origins of chic in its entirety...as it's the sort of thoughtful discourse on personal style that seems to be a rarity nowadays. As an amuse-bouche...and an incentive to click through and read more...I'm including the paragraph that most struck a chord with me below.Photobucket

"Style is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It isn’t today and it isn’t tomorrow; it isn’t a dress or a car or a shoe or a comment — it’s the cut of your sail as you cross this crazy, uncharted sea. Far ahead, legions of boats have already made the crossing—some grander, some more sleek—and still newer boats are always coming up behind you. Style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage."


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  • JJP said...
    8:42 AM
    Wow, this is a such a great article! And you're right her last words sum it up, so poetic. Thank you for the link.

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