"Self-denial is indulgence of a propensity to forego" - Ambrose Bierce

Firstly, I have to say that I realize that collecting virtual Karl Lagerfeld ephemera is...how shall I say it...slightly unusual...but, what can I say, the man "collaborates" like none other...especially when it comes to foodstuffs. Champagne...salad...Bûche de Noël...can all vaguely be attributed to a certain joie de vivre lifestyle...the Bûche being the only truly calorific evil on the list...and, thanks to it's seasonal status, it's the sort of once-a-year indulgence that can be ignored.

The latest melding of the kalorific and the kaiser, however, is a little more difficult to...umm...swallow. For, in celebration of Magnum ice cream bars finally landing on U.S. shores, Lagerfeld has directed a three-piece short film series starring Rachel Bilson. Today's question...does the thought of "a world-renowned prima ballerina who, when unexpectedly faced with an over-zealous throng of fans and the amorous embrace of her boyfriend, played by internationally renowned model Baptiste Giabiconi, evades them all to savor a moment for herself by enjoying a Magnum bar" make you feel like dashing off to the nearest store to get some ice cream on a stick?



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