"Waldo is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death." - Saki

Think of this as Where's Waldo? for the short-attention span set...the name of the game, to spot the differences between the two J Crew catalogs pictured below?


If you said that "A" is quite a bit thicker you either have x-ray vision or received the same catalogs that I did. If you noticed that black dot on the lower right of "B" you are a winner (well, if you're a man...or able to steal the mail from one).

Let me explain...both of these catalogs hit the Hebden mailbox on the same day. After cursing the ecological wastefulness of sending two catalogs to the same address I noticed that catalog "A" (addressed to me) was, indeed, thicker...whilst catalog "B" (addressed to the male demographic) contained...according to the back dot..."a little surprise inside". Aforementioned surprise was a 20% discount code...which begs the question, why does Waldo get savings when Mrs. Waldo is left to pay full price?


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