It looks warm, but what is it?

As we enter the days of cold winds and snow flurries it seems like time to unearth the necessary accessories. Hats, gloves, and scarves have all made it into the light and are blinking in the autumnal sunshine. But there is one other winter accessory that I have been trying (single-handedly) to bring back for the last few years, and that is the muff. For those of you a little hazy on muffs, here is what Webster’s dictionary has to say:

Pronunciation: 'm&f
Function: noun
Etymology: Dutch mof, from Middle French moufle mitten, from Medieval Latin muffula : a warm tubular covering for the hands

I'm not sure if anyone currently produces muffs...I've certainly never seen anyone else actually using one...

Luckily I have two faux fur Emporio Armani muffs from the 80's. Bear with me here because I know this is starting to sound tacky, but they're not...honestly. One is a relatively low key everyday muff in a pale brown/grey and the other is an extra-long evening muff with tassels. They're fun, unique, many accessories fill all of those criteria?

So, come on, join the crusade for warm hands and the return of the muff!


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