A tale of two cities...

Okay, not cities really...instead, it's a tale of two urban (outfitters).

I was reading British Vogue and saw that Urban Outfitters now had a UK website so I thought I'd check it out. Now I'm trying to decide why Urban Outfitters in the UK sells designs by Cacharel, See by Chloe, Hussein Chalayan, Erotokritos, Sara Berman, Vanessa Bruno, and Tatty Devine and the US stores don't. Okay, in the US stores you can sometimes dig through the piles of t-shirts and hoodies to find some cool things but nowhere near the kind of clothes and accessories you can find in Britain. Why? Does UO really think that no one in the States is interested? It's depressing...even more so because the UK site doesn't even ship to the US.

Patrizia Pepe Trench Coat
Sara Berman Bubble Coat
Erotokritos Glitter Peeptoe
Erotokritos Babydoll Dress


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  • susie_bubble said...
    3:34 AM
    Yeah but you guys get the cheap stuff! UO in the UK is quite pricy. It's more of a semi-designer boutique than a low-end chain like it is in the States.

    But yes, I don't see why they don't stock the labels in the States as well. It's quite handy to have the mix of labels all available in one place here!
  • chicwit said...
    1:43 PM
    Yes, I know...I want the best of both worlds. I think the main issue I have is the lack of choice. Not everyone will want the boutique labels but it would be nice to be given the option...plus, I'd love that coat!
  • Golightly said...
    6:38 PM
    oh those tricky bastards...the site is super cute! I agree with you, wonder why they'd think no one would be interested? I know plenty of U.S. fashionistas that are so into net-a-porter.com because of the overseas fashions. If they shipped to the US, I'd understand why the 2 stores wouldn't carry the same stuff. But does the USA site ship overseas? Hmm...interesting.

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