Tissue, a tissue, we all fall down

So, let's face it, I have issues...I'll spend 2 weeks wages on a handbag. I see it in the store, walk up to it, touch it, try it on and "vogue" in front of the mirror. At this point either the endorphin rush is so huge that I rush to the counter and scream "I'll take it!!!" or I continue to stalk my prey like a hungry lioness on the Serengeti. When I eventually succumb, the sales person wraps the bag in whatever embellishments the store specialises in...tissue paper, ribbon, bags, stickers, candy (yes, I have received bags wrapped with candy...who could ask for anything more?) and I carry my purchase home triumphantly.

Then...yes, what happens then?

The ideal? Each handbag stuffed with tissue paper, placed inside its dust bag and stood or laid on a shelf.

The reality? Most of the time, pretty close to the ideal...with an occasional lapse due to rushed changes between bags in the mornings. It's 6am and yesterday's pomegranite Marc Jacobs Venetia doesn't go with today's ensemble. Tip contents onto bed, pull new bag from shelf, add wallet, keys, etc to new bag and run out of the door. Venetia is left lying on the bed, empty and forlorn.

Yes, I feel guilty when I come home and see her lying there but I promise that, in the future, I won't treat her this way...unless it's 6am and I need to be at work by 7.


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  • Golightly said...
    9:17 PM
    hee I feel the same way when I neglect items in my closet for the newer ones. I'm interested to know what bags are wrapped in candy? I want!
  • chicwit said...
    9:31 PM
    The candy comes with Vivienne Westwood bags ordered from http://www.hervia.com/. Individually wrapped pieces of rock (hard candy) inscribed with "Vivienne Westwood"...so cool.

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