Sprechen sie prison?

To continue my theme of European websites (this time one that I'm hoping will ship to the US, though they don't specify) I wanted to share Haeftling from Germany. To quote their website "Handcrafted and inspired by convicts...Haeftling was founded in 2003, as the first worldwide brand for Jailwear, under which the handmade products of federal penal institution workshops and trainee programmes are now marketed outside of the prison walls".
Which may not sound like everyone's cup of tea but...the mixture of household goods and clothing are utilitarian, functional, and strangely chic. Though they mainly gravitate towards men's clothing and items for the home there are a few pieces of women's clothing (or things that could be considered unisex - particularly the pyjamas). My two favorites from the site though are the women's denim wrap skirt and the wooden chopping block. Now I just need to figure out if I can actually get them to send things to me...



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