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According to Webster’s dictionary, to “stalk” is to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment. Well, I think I’m being stalked by Barneys.

In the last few weeks I’ve received eight Barneys catalogs in the mail…eight!!! They are for women’s designer clothing (1), men’s designer clothing (2), Co-Op (1), beauty (1), Barney’s own label clothing (1), designer shoes (1) and designer handbags (1).

Like most other people I like to receive things in the mail…and I enjoy the window-shopping element of looking at the catalogs. Probably the most fascinating thing was a black leather suitcase with wheels for $6,900. You’re not going to check a bag like that and, quite frankly, if you can spend $7,000 on a suitcase you’re probably not carrying your own luggage anyway so why do you need the wheels? Are you a rich socialite who is about to elope?

Alright, I confess, there were a couple of Lanvin handbags that started me drooling and a short APC cape with toggles that I could definitely see myself wearing but did I need all of those booklets? Sadly, the answer is probably yes.

So, go ahead, fill my mailbox with booklets and my dreams with handbags. I will cease to complain.


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