All I Want For Christmas Is My Gold Front Teeth

I know that, in theory at least, it is better to give than to receive...but I also know that whoever is going to give me a gift worked hard for their money and I don't want them to waste it...which is why, even though in a perverse twist I love to give surprise gifts, when it comes to the receiving part I'd much rather let my giftgiver know exactly what I'd like.

Which is why I am 99.9% certain that Blood Is The New Black's "Gold Teef for Errbody" t-shirt will be under the tree this Christmas...because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like golden grills...


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  • Ryan Robinson said...
    9:22 AM
    LOL! I'm wearing mine right now! I'll forever think of you when I slide this shirt over my head in the morn'.

    Woo hoo.
  • Anonymous said...
    4:59 PM
    Oh, you'll get yours!

    -Mr. Hebden
  • hebden said...
    7:24 PM
    ryan - This could be the first time I don't mind being associated in someone's mind with braces!

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