Enough is Enough

I'm not fond of picking people's outfits apart (the old "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything" theory)...but this image from The Sartorialist embodied the whole "look in the mirror and remove one thing before you leave the house" concept so well that I couldn't remain quiet.

The Louis Vuitton blouse...Chanel bag...embellished, cropped jacket...and graphic shoes...are all items that would look great as "pieces" of an outfit...together they're just overwhelming, and slightly disturbing (like a luxury mall was violently ill).


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  • Maria said...
    7:36 AM
    there are many "rules"(read label) and many consumers that fallow to heart those "rules" imposed by editorials...To much obedience in my opinion. The sartorialist LOVES people that comply rules above dissidents...some few examples shine when showing something different. But his collections of street style speak to an audience of followers mostly, and comments that point to that set of rules without complacency are censured: an orthodox space for a Vogue religion.
  • Iheartfashion said...
    10:50 AM
    Amen! This one was just a bit too much, but I give her points for trying...it's better than leaving the house in sweatpants anyway.
  • editor said...
    1:40 PM
    oh i saw this pic too and quickly closed the window because it was just so wrong.
    i would venture that the pattern maria sees on the sartorialist is due to the fact that during shows especially, his subjects are 90% "fashion insiders," namely those who dictate those "rules" so we're going to see a heck of a lot of that. on his own, when he truly does provide street fashion, he seems to find a nice mix. but he can't bite the hand that feeds him, i suppose.
    this woman really does look like a fashion victim, ironically - i suspect such a moniker would especially horrify a professional. her outfit kind of horrifies anyone with eyes though.

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