The Inner Voice

The other morning, as I tried to "multi-task" i.e. finish waking up and get dressed at the same time, I heard a voice saying "you need a necklace with that outfit". I looked around. Was it the fashion fairy perched on my conscience berating me over the number of necklaces I own...was I simply hearing things? No, actually, it was my husband.

Now, from conversations with friends, I don't think this is a usual (or generally welcomed) occurrence. Personally I enjoy receiving a male perspective (especially from Mr. Heb who, I must say, has rather good taste) and I liked the collaborative end-result of a "kissing cousins" necklace, silver skull link necklace, and strand of antique amber. It did make me want to throw put the question out there though? Do you get fashion advice from your "significant other" and (more importantly) do you actually listen to it?
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  • petya said...
    7:17 AM
    that's awesome!

    i listen to my husband a lot. he likes simple things with a little bit of "interestingness" in them, which i happen to like too. he's very good at finding simple sweaters with cool stitching on the hem, basic cardigans with cute little pockets and teeny-tiny buttons on the cuffs...:))

    where did you get the kissin' necklace? i LOVE it.
  • hebden said...
    7:43 AM
    Thanks petya, good to know I'm not the only one.

    I got the necklace at Urban Outfitters. I just checked the US website and it's no longer shown but it is on the UK site and is on sale for £4.99!

    Here's a link.
  • Maria said...
    8:06 AM
    Interesting point!

    oooh you lucky you...
    My husband is kind of fashion challenged. Not even once has he assumed authorship on this matters, he is good at let's say, the unmaterial part of marriage.

    I like the different neckleces more than one on its nown.

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