Buyer Beware

Even as I find myself turning more and more often towards the internet for clothing purchases there are two concerns holding me back (which is probably just as well...for sanity and credit card's sakes).

Number one, everyone's favorite...the sizing lottery. Let's face it, unless you know whether a designer's sizes run large or small it's usually just guesswork as to whether their idea of a medium agrees with yours. Admittedly, you can keep ordering and returning until you get a perfect fit but that takes some of the fun out of shopping...for me at least.

Secondly is the unfortunate fact that the styling on some sites actually puts me off pieces. Even when it's something I saw in an actual store and know that I love...amazingly (and slightly terrifyingly) some sites can still manage to show it in such an unappealing light that I'm not even sure it's the same garment. Case in point, this Alice Ritter odd combination of cargo, puffball, and pencil skirts all rolled into least, it is on me...and it was in the store. Yet in the picture on Revolve's website it's a generic-looking skirt that I'd click right past.

Perhaps the truth is that, deep down, I'll always be a bricks and mortar shopper and not entirely happy unless I can actually play with the clothes before I buy them.

A word of warning if neither Revolve's styling or mine put you off this skirt...order a size larger than usual as this skirt runs small.


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  • Maria said...
    7:24 AM
    The flats also change the silhouette...
  • editor said...
    10:31 PM
    oh but i LOVE internet shopping. i always feel bad about the packaging and the extra pollution - the process, the packing, the delivery services, but... love the private browsing, love finding something i love, visiting it a bit, without any rush, having a snack and thinking about it, finally buying, then (this is the best part), knowing it's coming so there is no lust, just happy contented waiting for my new present. honestly, i wish there were a shipping option for longer time, not less. i don't think i could wait more than 2 weeks, but 9-11 days would be almost perfect. i spend that time anticipating and imagining the potential, but again, without the pain of not having, because i know that i already own it, it's mine and it's coming. and i'm rarely disappointed.

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