'tis the season

As we're quickly approaching the time when gifts will have to be bought (no matter how much you may prevaricate, as I do) I wanted to do some posts with gifts suggestions...a few thoughts for the last minute when the only thing that comes to mind is a hat and scarf set or a gift certificate.

So, to start off (and in the spirit of the season) I'm going to go for something non-mercenary (don't worry, the Verucca Salt-like "but daddy I want it now" items will come later)...something that spreads a little of that whole goodwill to mankind thing. Well, actually goodwill to animalkind...because suggestion number one is the adopt an animal program that most zoos have. For a fixed amount, which obviously grows in size in relation to the animal, you can give some assistance to your local zoo in providing bed & breakfast to the aforementioned mammal. In return, you generally get a photograph of your creature of choice, a factsheet, and a stuffed toy.

It sounds a little dorky, I admit, but I have given these as gifts and they do seem to be popular with both adults and children. And though a penguin or polar bear are obviously the seasonal options it's possible for the choice of animal to carry some message...for example, two friends of ours were celebrating an anniversary and we decided upon adopting a swan in their names...on the gift card we explained that swans mate for life, something that we hoped they would also achieve. The end result...tears and a few visits to "their" swan.


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