Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

As I checked out the latest additions to J Crew's website I noticed that I was getting excited every time I saw a bit of sparkle on clothing...which tends to suggest that I've moved into "Christmas party mode"...don't worry, I'll try to contain myself, you won't be seeing twenty posts about Vegas showgirl style outfits.

The oddest part of this is that I rarely wear anything sequined or bejeweled...something which has, of course, no bearing on these seasonally induced feelings. Nor does the fact that the bedecked and bedazzled items that I love in pictures usually end up looking a little...well, reality.

And so, as much as I love the shimmering-pool-of-ink quality that their glitter cardigan brings to mind, I shall continue to remind myself that this is a seasonal the common cold.


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  • elizabeth said...
    5:39 PM
    Ugh...I totally understand the JCrew itch--I just put myself on the waitlist for a HALTER TOP: It's not coming in until JANUARY. I bought it during a flight of fancy while watching Marie Antoinette during a work-from-home day. At least I have a lot of gift cards to justify it...

    I'm going to NYC this weekend (just a nice random jaunt down the Metro North) to use the rest of the cards--wish me luck!
  • hebden said...
    6:16 PM
    Nice buy! I really like how the neck of that halter looks when it's ruffling out from under a crewneck sweater. My J Crew purchases are usually gift certificate related as well...have fun spending the rest of them!
  • Ellen said...
    6:45 PM
    That halter is gorgeous, elizabeth. I totally love that first dress with the white detailing. It is gorgeous. I wish I had somewhere to wear sequins or bejeweled dresses, too. At least then I could justify buying one...or 5. But dancers don't really have extravagant Christmas parties.

    Oh, and another thing...why on earth is J. Crew so flipping overpriced? What is the deal there...seriously.
  • editor said...
    7:31 PM
    seasonal affliction - lol.
    i can totally relate.
    you need a line of defense. have some orange juice, get plenty of rest. go to the apc web site!
  • hebden said...
    8:16 AM
    editor - you're right, a little APC makes everything better.

    ellen - I've been wondering about their pricing recently as well. The pieces I showed are part of their "Collection" and the prices are high...well, sadly the norm for designer but high for J Crew.
  • Ellen said...
    7:43 PM
    I don't doubt the quality of J. Crew's clothes...I own several items of clothing from J. Crew. I just think the gradual price hike has been outrageous. If I were to spend $400 on a dress (which is not an option right now), I don't know if I'd throw the money down at J. Crew. And I say this as a lover of the store.
  • 8:24 PM
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  • Libertygirl said...
    10:07 AM
    oohooo! I've been trolling J Crew too and, if my bosom wasn't so mahoooosive, I'd be going for that sequin dress too. xxx

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