As Hagar the Horrible said...

"O words of love, O words divine!
The silver thought, the golden line!
Of all men's words, there's none so fine,
As these three words: 'I've got mine!'"

Yes, there are one more pair of shoes to add to my "adore from afar but that's going to be about it as I couldn't possibly stand up in them" list. This time, it's these spectacular bootie-pump hybrids from Banfi Zambrelli. With 4" heels they are stratospherically out of my league...but, ignoring that one small detail, these would be my perfect party shoe for any, and all, upcoming festive frivolities.


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  • elise;; said...
    9:24 PM
    Wow, so cute! I love the idea of those styles together. The only thing that keeps me from such a list is not being very partial to leather\ being a menace to my well being in anything higher then a one inch heel.

    Good thing, or else my inconceivable shoe list would be one of those parchments that comically folds out across the room!

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