Preconceived Notions

You know how it get an idea that such-and-such a designer only designs a certain style (which you're not particularly fond of) so you remove them from your mental designer rolodex. Then, one day, you come across something you really like...see that it was designed by good old such-and-such...and realize that you may have been too sweeping in your previous judgment.

When I came across the picture of the color-blocked ensemble below, the skirt caught my eye...daytime silver, it would work well with all my black and grey, but could also hold its own against bright colors. All well and good...then I saw who had designed it...Diane von Furstenberg. Could this be right? DVF made me think 1970's and wrap dresses, but not much else. After visiting her website though I've had to revise my preconceived notions...a military style princess leather motorcycle jacket...a rather kinky high-waisted pinafore dress...any, and all, of which would be most welcome to rest in my closet. Assumptions adieu!


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