Written in stone...

I previously mentioned my infatuation with French label Heimstone's Fall/Winter collection and, for Spring, I am in love all over again. And, when the time comes, if I can manage to track down one of their leather trimmed jackets...especially the one with the structured shoulders below...my infatuation will be consummated and I will be a very happy little camper indeed.

In the meantime, until Spring arrives, I have the video of their collection to keep my spirits up. I should warn you that, like the the one for The Row, this is a short film which causes the viewer to desperately...urgently...passionately...want to switch places with the girl shown in it (I also want to find out the song that is used as the background music but that is a side issue).

EDIT: I just found the song...it is "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash.


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  • Maria said...
    7:56 PM
    I like the layout of the video a lot.
    I'm blogging it and cradit you of course.
    Thank you.
  • Anonymous said...
    4:25 AM
    I love to wear cool dresses..I have seen at Gap store many cool dresses through at discounted price...
  • editor said...
    8:53 AM
    very enticing video. thanks for researching the song, i immediately wanted to know as soon as it started playing!
  • Candid Cool said...
    10:21 PM
    I adore heimstone & their model.

    The song: Merry Happy by Kate Nash
  • 12:35 AM
    Oh my god, there is a great deal of worthwhile data above!

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