"Everything comes to those who wait...except a cat." - Mario Andretti

I realize that it's a little late to be discussing calendars...unless, like me, you've moved all of your actual appointment info into an electronic format and only really buy the paper versions to gaze upon the pretty pictures as the months go by.

If you too fall under the category of "folks who decorate with calendars" might I suggest this limited edition one from United Bamboo (a portion of the proceeds from which go to support KittyKind, a no-kill cat shelter in NYC)? Though all of the cats are clothed in miniature versions of U.B.'s spring collection Misses January and September steal the show as far as I'm concerned...


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  • 12:47 PM
    I wish my two cats, who by the way are unfortunately for them called MC Hammer and Shirley Bassie, would keep their claws in long enough to look this good....some may call it animal crulety..I dont! :)

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