If at first you don't succeed...buy a bigger bottle of ink, and try again

I know I've been mentioning craft projects a lot recently...I think cabin fever may be turning me into the anti-Martha (Stewart, that is)...thankfully Mr. Heb has been similarly afflicted so it's not a case of us becoming (yet another) divorce statistic which can be attributed to crafting.

Actually, his skills are so far outpacing mine that I can only stand back in awe...hand printed and bound notebooks affecting some girls that way. Well, awe and special request mode...requests like "could you add a couple of sheets of waxed paper in there so that I could also use it for photos and have a kind of notebook/album hybrid?"

Of course, a booklet this special deserves something a little more exciting than a plastic pen...which is why I am going to (once again) try to use the fountain pen I inherited from my mother...previous attempts have ended up looking like a small creature had dipped itself in ink and then crawled its way across the paper...but I remember the elegance of all my mother's written communications and am determined to try again...


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