Nerd or dork?

"People think our team is a bunch of academic nerds and freaks. I prefer the term dork because you can be a dork and be a little bit cool as opposed to being a complete nerd where it's all books and studying." - Ian Johnson

Today is...completely un-apologetically...dork day...or, to be precise, dork travel day. The Hebden essentials have once more been crushed into a small carry on bag and are winging their way to Motor City...Detroit.

Plaid shirt - Old Navy, sweater - Katherine Hamnett, pants - Prada, jacket - APC, boots - Frye, vintage necklace


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  • The Tote Trove said...
    11:32 PM
    Nerd vs. dork. Interesting. It's kind of weird how a nerd is someone who is so conventional (gets good grades, does the right thing, etc.) that he/she's unconventional. Whereas maybe a dork is a nerd who is a little less squeaky clean. Probably reading too much into this . . .

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