"Nemo bonus Brito est" - Ausonius

While I'd never claim that The Daily Mail is "a reliable source"...or "reliable"...or...oh, nevermind...I had to comment on their recent piece "Black clothes can put years on you: The unwanted side-effect of fashion's favourite colour" (contender for longest online tabloid title ever)...

Apparently, "Black gives the illusion of slimming down the wearer, and designers will have us believe that it's the colour of the season and you must not be seen in anything else. But it can also bring out dark circles under the eyes and lines. The effect can be as serious as making women feel drained, self-conscious and introverted.

Just one in five of us apparently have the correct skin tone to wear black well."

And now the really confusing part...

"This is because most women in Britain have what is known as a 'warm' skin tone, based on yellow, orange and gold colours.

Wearing black detracts from the healthy-looking golden hue by 'flattening' it and bringing out tired-looking darker patches on the face. The one in five Britons who suit black close to their faces have 'winter' complexions consisting of pale, cool and dramatic colouring."

Now...much as this may vindicate my choices...self being an incredibly pale Brit with a partiality for black clothing...I have to point out that a) it's virtually impossible to feel self-conscious in black clothing...invisible, maybe, but self-conscious...never. And b) to ask where exactly this "healthy-looking golden hue" comes from...I recall the seasons in Scotland breaking down as 10 months rain, 1 month sleet, 3 weeks snow, 6 days fog, and 1 day sun...not exactly the recipe for a sun-kissed glow.


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  • Rowena said...
    3:55 AM
    I say embrace the under eye shadow look....have you ever seen the book Colour Me Beautiful?
  • site said...
    12:14 PM
    Pretty effective data, thank you for this post.

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