"If God had to give a woman wrinkles, He might at least have put them on the soles of her feet" - Ninon de Lenclos

"Oh" they say, "you don't want to buy anything made from linen...it get terrible wrinkles". "Oh yeah?" says I..."you haven't seen wrinkles until you've cast your eyes on the creases that can appear on suede". For the heavy suede of this vintage dress...in addition to demanding paranoia whenever liquids are in its vicinity...has developed heavy creasing down the sides of the sleeves and down its center where, I can only assume, it was folded. I am walking origami...but, in an odd way, I like it...

Sweater and scarf - APC, suede dress - vintage Kenzo, boots - Russell & Bromley


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  • Harriet said...
    2:17 AM
    I like the combination of stripes both over and under the dress
  • 10:42 AM
    Pretty effective data, thanks for the article.

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