"When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it." - First Nations proverb

There used to be a certain type of bric-a-brac or antique store in the UK that courted disaster by placing small...breakable...and usually relatively expensive...stuff on every available flat surface. Visiting said store would be like walking through a minefield...one false move and "crash"...you'd be pulling out your wallet to pay for a broken figurine portraying two small children gazing, insipidly, into space...because, and here's the rub...every single one of these stores would contain (in addition to the aforementioned pottery) a small sign with the following written on it...

"Lovely to look at,
Delightful to hold.
But if you break me,
Consider me sold."

Not, perhaps, the greatest poetry in the world...but it got the point across regarding liability for accidental damages. I couldn't help being reminded of it as I sat admiring these porcelain bears in a glass dome. They're undeniably lovely...and would provide fodder for countless conversations of the "what exactly are they doing?" variety...my personal guess, Bear A is telling Bear B a dirty joke but is having to whisper so that Great Aunt Bear isn't offended...but I know that, if I bought them, either Mr. Heb or I would rise to the klutz challenge and break them before you could say "Goldilocks".


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