"Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" - Turkish proverb

Even though I love it, I'm trying to imagine just how bad a coffee habit you have to have to buy Alessi's travel espresso set...I see someone wandering up to strangers on corners, begging them for a hit of 'the granular'...spending hours searching under the cushions of their sofa in an attempt to come up with enough spare change for a grande cup of Starbucks' Anniversary blend. If you've done similar (or worse) this kit has it all...an electric coffee maker...two espresso cups and saucers...two small spoons...and a can of ground Illy coffee...all your average caffeine junkie needs is some water and an electricity source.

Though, as I say, with a coffee shop on almost every corner...and considering how time-consuming it is to get through an airport with even the most basic baggage these days...you do have to wonder who's buying this...



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