"Living in the past has one thing in its favor - it's cheaper." - unknown

Rather disappointingly...just as I was patting myself on the back for a massive 'fashion math' saving courtesy of J Crew's tweed-y cardigan...the package containing said item appeared. On the pro side of things, it's very soft...on the con, just about everything else...as it was obviously designed by someone who never learned that just because an item is on the (relatively) cheaper side, it shouldn't actually look...well...cheap.

And so, back the package goes...slightly lightened by the absence of the fingerless gloves that will be staying at the Hebden hacienda. Perfect for those work-related occasions when I need to type in less than desirable temperatures...and equally perfect for layering under my sadly-looking-a-little-the-worse-for-wear vintage Emporio Armani faux fur gloves.





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  • edgertor said...
    7:28 AM
    fyi, you can often find fur gloves like yours on ebay.co.uk...i have bought more than one pair. they are real fur, even if it's usually 50-60 years old.

    i don't know why the british made these, but they're super warm.
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    5:58 AM
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