"You can say this for ready-mixes - the next generation isn't going to have any trouble making pies exactly like mother used to make." - Earl Wilson

I'm not quite sure why I initially signed up for Selfridges weekly emails...perhaps it was just the urge to torture myself with the memories of glorious shopping expeditions of days gone by...or to give myself a chance to bemoan the lack of similar department stores in the US.

Whatever the reason was I currently find myself ignoring the fashion listings completely and heading straight to the unintentional humor of the food updates. From childhood, I know the lure of the "foreign" food aisle...when my mother, a woman who could whip up a 3 course meal...from scratch...without even breaking a sweat...would buy ridiculously over-priced boxes of Betty Crocker's au gratin potatoes as if they were the food of the Gods...but the idea of someone paying £7.49 (almost $12) for a box of Lucky Charms cereal never fails to elicit a slight giggle.

Those seeking more food/fiscal related should click through to read about the "Marshmallow Fluff collection" and the ever popular "American favourites collection" comprised of more sugar and man-made preservatives than should be contained in one gift box.



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  • Jennifer said...
    11:50 PM
    Well, at least it makes me feel a bit better about the high price of my favourite British foods here in the US. $1.25 for a mini-bag of Walker's Crisps? Highway robbery!
  • Sofia said...
    5:08 AM
    у вас хороший дизайн блога))
  • Hebden said...
    9:09 AM
    Sofia - вы

    Jennifer - that is robbery but I'm a little jealous...I haven't been able to find a place to get my Walker's crip fix.

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