"It gets you nowhere if the other person's tail is only just in sight for the second half of the conversation." - Winnie the Pooh

Never...even in my most effervescent...i.e. alcoholic...moments...would I suggest that a $600 sweater from Topshop should be perceived as a "good"...i.e. even vaguely rational...buy. It's just not possible. And yet...this shearling/knit cardigan from their Unique range...hitting the scale at the 600 dollar mark...is sold out.

Even assuming that not that many were produced...who are these millionaires...armed with the twin urges to spend like there's no tomorrow and look like Winnie the Pooh in a grandpa cardigan?


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  • Wardrobe Wars said...
    3:58 PM
    this has to be a mistake ?! that price is ridiculous for a jumper we will probably see copied many a time in other stores , adore topshop ( its usually the reason we are low on cash all the time ! ) but 600 dollars is just crazy !


    Fifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls )

    hope you stop by some time and let us know what you think .
  • Elena Vasilieva said...
    2:51 AM
    this cardi is divine, seems so warm and cozy. loved the textures too


  • Jennifer said...
    1:28 PM
    Honestly, I wouldn't pay $30 for this! It looks like a Snuggie mated with a granny cardi. Not even a gorgeous, thin, perfect model type could carry this look!

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