"Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address." - Lane Olinghouse

Yes, it's time to torture myself again by writing about shoes that I can't wear today...and am beginning to seriously doubt will ever be able to wear in the future. I kid, slightly, the interminable road of convalescence that I see spreading before me is obviously starting to take its toll...clearly I need to get mean...something that would be easy in these metal toe-capped little numbers. Mean...yet ladylike...like a perfectly coiffed little old lady wielding an umbrella...or a snake wearing L'Air du Temps...


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  • Jennifer said...
    12:28 AM
    In High School I was known for kicking many of my guy friends in the shins with my hard-soled penny loafers... these look like they would also leave a good bruise.
  • 3:07 AM
    It will not succeed in actual fact, that is what I think.

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