"Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or what's behind it?" - Pablo Picasso

As all of these one-of-a-kind bags are sold out this is more a case of a yet-another-item-to-add-to-the-ever-expanding-DIY-idea-list than anything else.

A reason (as I'm running out of wall space) to contemplate buying slightly abused...and, in all likelihood, badly painted...canvases from thrift stores...and attempting to give them a new lease of life being both useful and decorative.



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  • 9:20 PM
    The bags are really unusual, like them very much! Sick of the same plain type of bags, these stand out, and would work well with other unique clothing.
  • Wilson said...
    4:20 AM
    Thank you for your kind words and sharing your thoughts.
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  • site said...
    6:56 AM
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