"It's toppers and tails for Ascot. Boaters and bow ties for Henley. And anything goes for Wimbledon." - David Winder

I've been on the lookout for a denim shirt for quite a while now but...though the point of such a piece is simplicity...everything that I've come across has been a little too plain. I know, I know...it's all so depressingly Goldilocks...all of the porridge is startlingly similar but only one is "just right"...but what can I say, I was looking for simple-with-a-little-twist. Something that I may have found courtesy of United Bamboo...perfectly plain dark denim...with a hint of whimsy...in the shape of their skull and tennis racket logo...and the sort of snappy little bow tie that makes my inner nerd heave a small sigh of contentment...


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  • 2:24 AM
    Nice denim! I love that denim with a ribbon in the picture. It's so cute.
  • stella said...
    3:44 AM
    I would like it better though if it doesn't have long sleeves. It gives me the impression that it's gonna be too hot to wear. Well, maybe I'm a bit biased about it though since live in a tropical country where summer is really super hot! :)

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  • 10:46 AM
    Those pictures are good but I think it's better if those denims have short sleeves. And also, I like the ribbon.

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