Quicquid agunt homines nostri farrago libelli (Whatever things men have done . . . shall form the subject of our book)

"I leave you, for these woods;
Here I will lay me down, beneath these shady pines;
And, wrapt in meditation deep, despite the power of love"

- The London Chronicle, 1761

Whilst web wandering I happened across these images from what may be one of my favorite editorials from the late 90's...Stella Tennant...exuding a nonchalant, minimalist, quiet, sense of ease and...power. The power of being comfortable...in your own skin...the clothing that covers it...and your surroundings.

From the April 1999 issue of US Harper's Bazaar...Shady Pines...


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  • IF said...
    7:35 AM
    Hello there,

    You posted a phrase that was about French men going to New York or America, and there was also something about their mom....
    I could not find it any more. Could you please send me the link?

    I Fan

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