"You know that I'm no snood..."

With all apologies to Amy Winehouse there was really nothing else to title this post...no other way to concisely describe what can happen when an enthusiastic-yet-not-very-practiced-knitter decides that her first project of the winter will be a one-star-difficulty-level-snood.


Not one to bother with the minutiae of life she takes vague notes concerning the type of wool and needles needed...beyond the fact that the former must be thick...while the latter should be large. Armed with this information...scribbled on to a soon-to-be-lost fragment of paper...she heads to the store...and buys a lovely, marled grey wool...and pair of hazard orange needles.


Visions of warm necks...and seasonally appropriate sugar plums...dance in her head. A feeling of well-being that is only accentuated by the speed with which the project moves forward...I mean, really, even the final casting off is a painless experience...while sewing the ends together is the work of a moment. In fact, right up to the moment when "the knitter" tries to get the snood over her head, every prospect pleases (as the poet said).

Then she realizes...the snood is not a snood (at least, not for an adult human) but...with a few stitches at one end...it is a hat. Once again proving that you can be up to no snood, yet still get ahead...



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  • Jennifer said...
    10:27 PM
    Well, at least your pup's head will be warm this winter ;)
    I discovered that a circular scarf is one of the few things I feel comfortable attempting; I was successful last year and hope to make a few more this year:
    Give it another try, and I'm sure you'll do great!

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